50 Maxell 8X +/- for $15, 25 Maxell for $5 AR @ Frys



Yes @ Frys, and they are Maxell, not those GQ crap
50 +/- for $19.99, $5 MIR
25 for $9.99, $5 MIR
TDK is also on sale over there for $17.99 per 50, no rebate

Finally seeing brand name media on sale at Frys, not those GQ
I did not buy anything because I couldn’t find any MIJ spindles or else I would land a couple spindles.


I wonder why they would price 25’s @ the equivalent of $9.98 / 50pk and still have the 50 pk’s on sale for $14.99 (all after rebate of course)? Nice price. Have no experience with Maxell though. Worth a shot for 20 cents a piece.


lemme straighten out my post to avoid confusion, 50 maxell for $15 after $5 MIR
25 maxell for $5 after $5 MIR


Well, I guess it doesn’t take a math whiz to see that $5 for 25 is a better deal than $15 for 50. I still don’t get why they would have those sales at the same time - ie. there’s no incentive to buy the 50 pk. Lol.

In anycase, thanks for posting the find, ghetocowboy. :slight_smile: Good stuff … keep it comin’.


Not much incentive in buying either, what with most of the Maxell-branded media being made by Ritek these days…



you can still get this price for MIJ, but you have to run around. I found Walmart has Maxell Made in Japan for both spindle of 50 and 25. So go buy at Walmart and go buy those made in Taiwan at Frys, then swap them and return Made in Tawain spindle to Walmart. Since the item is not advertised, I dont think Walmart will do price match.


I’d do this but…god i abhore rebates.


maxells have not been that great for me - get way too much PIF.


I agree - I’ll stick with the $28.90 TY’s from Shop4tech or the $30 Verbs from Newegg-




good plan,eh? :slight_smile:


Just had to say… FRY’s is just the worst store. Returning stuff is a hassle at my local store. I will never go in there again. They ripped me off on a motherboard/CPU combo and then wouldn’t make it good. :frowning:


Well, the +R MIJ is 90% of the time TY, only 10% is Hitachi Maxell media and they are very good. There is no risk involved here.


I find it very easy to return items to my local Fry’s. They don’t seem very happy, but don’t give me any problems. The only thing that bothers me is when they take a defective item and put it back out on the shelf.


I have never gotten TY +R under the Maxell brand.