50% Failure



I am using AnyDvd like it says to run in the background and no matter what I program I use (to include Nero, CloneDVD2, and Roxio) the process fails at the 50% mark. Does anyone know what is causing this and or how to fix it.




I would try using different media, maybe you have a bad batch, what burning speed are you using? What media brand are you using. What movie are you tring to backup? What type of burner do you have. These all are important as to why you might be having a problem.


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When you say it fails at 50% , is this reading the original DVD or burning a 1:1 copy or a compressed copy?


I am burning currently the Da Vinci Code Sony Pictures disk, but I get the error every single time regardless of DVD type. I am trying to burn it to an iso for a backup…




I’m still not clear if it’s during the read or burn part that the error occurs. And are you trying to compress to fit onto a 4.7GB disk or a full, no compression copy onto a 8.5gb disk.

If you’re burning & it’s on Dual Layer media then 50% would probably suggest that it’s failing at the layer break.

If you’re not using Verbatim +R DL media then you’re wasting your time.

Also the only way I’d do a full 1:1 copy is by ripping to the HDD with DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode & then burning the resulting image with it or ImgBurn.


The Slysoft solution is to use Clonecd for Verbatim+R DL. Just open Clonecd with Anydvd running the background and click a couple of times. No need to rip first before using Clonecd or switch to another program.

But an error message, at the very least, would be nice (in addition to the other information I’m asking for).

I agree that the 50% area would suggest a layer break problem or a disk size issue.

Presuming joelnchristine is using Clonedvd2 and a single layer blank (4.7GB), ensure “dvd-5” is selected in Clonedvd2.


I have been starting to have a number of DVDs fail during the read process at the 50% mark in my Liteon 20A1H. It appears to be happening with dual layer DVD’s at the layer break.

(The original poster did not mention if he’s having a problem reading the original DVD or burning to a blank.)

If I put the original in my other drive, a Panasonic LF-D200 (older model SCSI DVD-RAM drive), it doesn’t have the problem. It’s not the best drive to use because it can only read DVD-ROMs at 2x speed.

It may be problems that have appeared to have cropped up in recent AnyDVD versions with specific newer model drives.


Holy cow, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

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