50 dvd-r $7.00 from staples cmc mag am3



Hi Anybody buy cmc mag am3 disks? I didn’t see any mentioned on the threads. I burnned 15 disks that looked good on my tv with my nec 3550a burner. My first brand used was maxell and these seem as good. Where do i get the nero software to test my burns? Thanks Bob


http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ is the place for the Nero CD/DVD Speed download.


From CDFreaks’ own reviews of DVD writers, most writers can burn CMC MAG AM3 discs but with about average quality. I’m not sure about your writer though. Anyway, get hold of Nero CD/DVD Speed and you can do some scans and see for yourself.


I have some HP branded CMC MAG. AM3, and I have burned these in most of my drives.

I have a NEC ND-4551A which is identical to the 3550, except for DVD-RAM and LabelFlash support, and the burn quality is not good in my opinion.

The PIE/PIF levels of the burn are quite good, but the disc has reading problems in my BenQ 1655 drive which is the pickiest of my drives. Since reading is far more important than pretty PIE/PIF graphs, I consider the results to be poor.

My BenQ 1655 burns these discs with good quality (SolidBurn On, WOPC Enabled).

To be fair, my NEC 4551 can also burn high quality media such as Taiyo Yuden in a way, that causes some reading problems in a BenQ drive, so I’m not actually blaming the CMC MAG. AM3 media but rather the NEC drive for being a quirky burner and the BenQ drive for being a quirky reader.


[B]7USD[/B] :eek: that’s cheap for a 50 spindle of DVD-R media… Heck, that’s what I pay for a 10 pack crap 8x CMC MAG’s.
Ooops, I just said “crap”. Sorry, I never tested this media of yours so probably I should keep my mouth shut.
But anyway, with burned CMC MAG’s on your hands you never know what comes around in six months or so… :wink:


CMC is stable media, the only real issue is whether it burns well or not initially. I personally have a huge amount of CMC and I have discs burned over 3 years ago. I’ve scanned a couple of them recently and got a QS of 98 and 99, not bad for crap. Their current 16x media does not burn as well as their 2.4x-8x media, I would say it’s burn quality is average but you should have no problems with most burners.


Thanks all I will test and report I’ll use the cmc media for dvd’s i give away and use the high quality disks for archives. Bob


Hi I downloaded nero sc/dvd speed and got diferent quaity scores and on some disks the quality score jumped to zero i don’t use nero so do i need asip32 loaded? I tried to install asip32 but it won’t open. What am i doing wrong? Thanks Bob


If it works it’s fine!
Split the thread :wink: