$5 Xbox 360 HD DVD player



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Losing a high-def war means you end up with a lot of stock that needs to be sold. A few bought the Xbox 360 HD DVD player when it was launched for $199,99 back in 2006 and later was reduced to…

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A standard player costs more and this has 2 usb ports. $5 it’s a steal.


I never bought it, but that’s just how it is for early adopters of any new technology. There’s never any certainty when you buy something like that. Why don’t you ask the people who bought laserdisc players how they feel :B Or how about those people who bought beta instead of vhs. The list goes on and on.


I already have the player and about 20 movies. At $5 I’ll buy a couple to use on my computers too. I already have the movies so I have no intention of selling it off and buying everything all over again on Blu Rayl I didn’t buy many DVDs over the years anyway so these closeout prices are great in my book.


I’m in Canada so they don’t have this deal there, but as i’ve been buying hd-dvd’s dirt cheap for the last few months and amassed a bit of a collection, I did buy one from wal-mart for 20 bux, which i’ll keep as a backup in cause my full price one ever bites it :slight_smile:


Beta? What’s the problem to have owned a Betamax player? I do have one and, my only regret, is that, after a long service time, where I watched a ton of Betamax tapes and recorded a lot of other ones, it finally bit the dust. So, I cannot watch those old tapes anymore, some of them with classic sport events. :c Funny thing about this player, was that it cost me exactly the amount of money I managed to save during my mandatory military service time.


$5? Why dont they just give them away… They pretty much are at that price…


@ Hypnosis4U2NV “$5? Why dont they just give them away… They pretty much are at that price.” Because if it’s free then people will think there’s something wrong with it. It’s human nature to be suspicious.
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Where’s the damn deal I went to the website & didn’t see it


They could probably get more if they took the remote out of the box, and sold them refurbed for 10 bux :slight_smile: