5 ways iPhone users get ripped off (some contract specific)



ComputerWorld has posted an interesting article showing various ways iPhone users get ripped off, especially if they are with AT&T (a US mobile network.) Even if you’re not with AT&T, a lot of other providers have extra charges similar to that of AT&T.

The article can be viewed here,which is broken down as follows:

[li]You pay $360 for mobile broadband you don’t use[/li][li]You pay $325 to not use the carrier anymore[/li][li]You pay $18 for committing to a new, two-year contract[/li][li]You pay $240 for the high-end data plan you don’t use[/li][li]You pay full price for apps you don’t use[/li][/ol]

I’d the say the main people affected are those who bought it to mainly use as an iPod or who usually have access to free Wi-Fi. For example, I have a Nokia 5800 (Wi-Fi enabled) and the main areas I quickly check something on the web usually have Wi-Fi. I have a portable MiFi (3G pocket router), so if I do need to check something online in an area without free Wi-Fi, I just use it instead of going through the network, which saves on data charges.

However, if I had an iPhone on contract here in Ireland, I know I would have similar issues to 1 & 2 above and I already know a few who got an iPhone with this issue, especially several months into the contract when the provider offers new cheaper price plans available on all but iPhone contracts.


You got to love apple’s marketing.
Take something that the whole world is using (and most of the time for free), dress it nice, add some services that only a few might use, and sell it as a unique product for each individual user… and make lot’s of $$.

I love [B]i[/B] products (or is it their marketing department?).