5 star game copy didnt copy sims 2 pets?

i just used 5 star game copy for the sims 2 pets pc dvd rom and it copied thought it had worked fine but when i try running the game it asks me for the disc? :confused:i checked what copyright protection the original disc had in the program and it told me the it was able to go around this but it obviously didnt work:doh: lol…help much appreciated

I would try with CloneCD/CloneDVD or Alcohol or Blindwrite software. :wink:

i have already tried using clone dvd before using 5star game copy and it did the same…

Then jsut try with another tool. :wink:

ive tryed using blindwrite and it didnt work either neither did alchohol :frowning: any other ideas as to why this isnt working?

I think you might need to scan the disk and find what kinda copy protection they have on the disc media.

Uninstall 5 star game copy and switch to alcohol or dtools pro. clonecd hasn’t been updated for ages and blindwrite for over one year if I remember correctly so they won’t work for newer titles.
Follow this guide and your game is protected by safedisc.