5 Random Things

I roll my eyes at that too, sneakygirl. I know the feeling: although the times it wasn’t anything major where someone I asked to keep it between us “spilled the beans” on me, it was still very much irritating. :frowning:

that happens to me ALL THE TIME :sad:

Well, finding people who keep their lips sealed is hard. With ones I suspect (that other people told me they can’t keep their mouths shut) can’t keep it to themselves, I tell them something minor I wouldn’t mind others knowing anyway just to see if said person tells the world. Then if they say it, I know I can’t trust them and consequently avoid them. :Z

euh wanna know more…lets see

[li]I must have been living in a cave because I just got addicted to the Yeti games
[/li][li]I still want to learn Spanish & French
[/li][li]I hate the new smilies
[/li][li]I like to cook
[/li][li]I like to PM :slight_smile:

we know :iagree:

/me doesn’t.
/me has never gotten a PM off Namoh AFAIK :stuck_out_tongue:

And you like it. :flower:

cough check your inbox cough :stuck_out_tongue:

cough Just did cough
cough Nothing there… cough


cough should have hit F5 cough

lets see 5 more
1- i get peeved when people turn a thread into a chat
2-i get peeved when people turn a thread into a chat
3- i get peeved when people turn a thread into a chat
4-i get peeved when people turn a thread into a chat
5 i get peeved when people turn a thread into a chat

Pure unaudultrated, evil…
The opppisite of that!!!
confusion, confusia says,…

I get peved when pepople fuck up a thread.
I ge peveed when you cannot do it right, but you wont let someone else do it,
I get peeved when I board shitless , and wanna comiut harry carry,

I get pe ved when I cannot come up with something decent to get peved about…
I get very fucking peeved when people fuck up my thread with mindless I cannot fucking spell, responses!!!


1 - How easy it is to tell when the ripper is posting in his cups?

2 - How ally darts away when it starts getting warm-

3 - How the S_S darts all over the place-

4 - How Kenny wants to protect the innocent-

5 - How I like to use the - eh? ending-

[li]I love coffee
[/li][li]I love cappuccino
[/li][li]I love expresso
[/li][li]I love caffeine
[/li][li]I really really love caffeine

  1. Love a great cup of coffee
  2. Sometimes enjoy a Coke
  3. A Seagram’s Green Applelicious Wine Cooler is very tasty
  4. Love Dunkin’ Donuts
  5. Love bread in general :doh:

[li]is a sucker for girls with freckles
[/li][li]likes brunettes more than blonds
[/li][li]likes to experiment once in awhile
[/li][li]needs at least 7 hours off sleep each night
[/li][li]will never like the new smilies :a

  1. Has a major weakness for cute redheaded women (I even have radar for them!) :bigsmile:
  2. Loves freckles on a woman
  3. Loves to smell a woman’s just-washed hair
  4. Appreciates a woman who chooses a soft-smelling perfume
  5. Likes it when a woman keeps him on his toes. :bigsmile:
  1. always tries to look at every aspect of something
  2. pities people who don’t come up for themselves
  3. loves privacy and freedom more than money and society
  4. hates fanatics
  5. tries to stay as young as possible in mind

1-) would rather be home with a special person than out at a club
2-) thinks sleeping in on a saturday morning is a mini vacation
3-) just really wants to be loved in this world…even just for a moment
4-) is a little girl trapped inside an older woman’s body
5-) loves sex in the morning best of all