5 Random Things

Heres something new for us…give 5 random things about you heres mine

1-) I use to hold national powerlifting records
2-) I love to shop
3-) I’m learning how to play the mandolin
4-)I was a cheerleader in highschool - I never told anyone that
5-) I love a man in leather -any kind…pants ,chaps, jacket,

1, I used to run 400m in less than 51 seconds
2, I have many guitars
3, I like PC’s
4, I like buying clothes
5, Spending money i don’t have is also cool.

  • Beaware of ginger-hair girls … dont belive them (witches^) :S
  • Beer
  • Murphy’s Laws
  • Anime
  • Ghotic Metal

My five,

[li]Collects packs of playing cards. Unopened of course. Or it wouldn’t be a proper collection.
[/li][li]Represented his county in Swimming meets.
[/li][li]Was a Cub Scout
[/li][li]Has never bought a VCR player or tape
[/li][li]Has a vast collection of really really really really bad shirts

[li]Loves to sport
[/li][li]Appareantly can’t seem to have a relationship that lasts longer than 3.5 years
[/li][li]Likes to experiment
[/li][li]Hates the new smilies!!
[/li][li]Used to be a pretty good chess player

[ol]Cannot survive without Kelloggs cornflakes
[li]I have very clean hands
[/li][li]Have never played icehockey
[/li][li]If alone, I slap myself when I remember something embarrasing and jump up and down
[/li][*]I kick at other people when provoked beyond my limit (a far far limit)[/ol]

//me is

  1. Is addicted to technology
  2. Has the hotties for gothy girls
  3. Wishes he chose an other career
  4. Is a slut for junk food, esp pizza
  5. Collects whiskies

(No particular order)

  1. Loves Star Trek (mainly “Original Cast”)
  2. Loves Dawn (from Joe Linsner)
  3. Adores Jessica Alba
  4. Someone say “bowling”? :bigsmile:
  5. Loves Spanish

1-) I bite my nails when i’m nervous
2-) I talk to myself
3-) I just love chocoate covered straweberries…awww who am i fooling i love anything dipped in chocolate
4-) I sometimes…think dirty thoughts in church and forget where i’m at…:slight_smile:
5-) I’m a very insecure little girl…locked in a bitch of an old woman

Hm…why not another 5… ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Love fishing for black bass
  2. Love listening to birds singing
  3. Feels great to ride my bike 14 miles
  4. Love and enjoy cooking when I have the time for it.
  5. Highly value friendships
  1. I drink far too much
  2. I wear odd sox for luck
  3. I’m addicted to pringles
  4. I can not function with out coffee
  5. I really like a member of this forum :kiss:


  1. Love to sniff thongs-

  2. Love to munch thongs

  3. Love to cyber with S_S, ally and sneaky

  4. Love to help noobs

  5. Have thong fetish (though it probably doesn’t show)


  1. I want a Tina Yothers-lookalike to slarve my dode.
  2. When I was a kid I blew a humungous glob of snot on the library table during the national anthem of Reagan’s first inauguration because my friend and I thought the black lady singing it was really funny.
  3. I stabbed a counter-demonstrator in the belly really hard with a sign that had a peace symbol on it.
  4. I raised superworms as a source of clean insect protein-they taste like bacon.
  5. I scratched a girl’s shins with my ungroomed toenails while I made out with her all drunk, not unlike a dog scrabbling up your legs trying to lick you in the face.

[li]I love my music.
[/li][li]I’m a thinking person
[/li][li]I’m in love
[/li][li]I don’t read much, though, when I do read, it’s unusual things (eg. Things I’ve read up on: necrophilia, what happens when you die, religion non/belief, parallel universes, pagan beliefs, history of black metal, Burzum - intensively, gothic sub/cultures).
[/li][li]I have bipolar, unfortunately.

ok wanna know more…lets see
1-) i am an official geek…i have a blog…
2-) I sometimes don’t answer the phone when i see its my parents on the Caller ID
3-) I cry when i watch Frosty the Snowman
4-) I have 2 dogs…one inside that sleeps with me and one outside…that wants in …
5-) I love when someone calls me Babygirl…and kisses me just under the ear…

Why not 5 more? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Love helping people (within reason)
  2. I despise liars
  3. I despise those who manipulate others
  4. Can’t stand those who use others
  5. Love a longggggggggg conversation with an interesting woman. :bigsmile:

bigmike! I told you not to say anything! :rolleyes:


so much for secrecy, I suppose. :eek: Now anyone reading this thread will know. :disagree: