5 general questions



some general questions for you the pro…

1)is it better to place ur DVD burner vertically or horizontaly???
2) better to clean the DVD with a soft clothe and alcohl, if yes, what alcohl do you use
3)is my english ok? :bigsmile:
4)how often do u clean the optic, and with what???
5)is 4x speed a good average to burn DVD?

thanks 4 ur answer

and do not do illegal copies!!!.


horizontally. Mild soap and water is best. Dry with towel immediately. I only clean the laser when I encounter read problem. I burn at 4X…sometimes at 8X for friends.


2-- don’t use alcohol, it might damage your data (as i remember, not sure)
3-- spelling mistake or typing mistake? (by the way, my english is not good at all)
4-- it depends on the disc mainly and the drive, if the disc is marked as 8x, u better burn at 8x, unless you burner always fail at 8x or at certain speed

  1. horizontally
  2. just soft cloth, nevr use fluids
  3. it’s fine, but could be better :wink:
  4. never
  5. it’s oke, but if your burner can do 16x why ot burn at 16x?
    If you don’t mind waiting 4x is a good average.