5 dead benq1620's in 8 months

can anyone top that :disagree:

i’m gonna try a nec drive now :iagree:

although atleast my last benq didn’t try to kill me like some of the other ones :disagree:

No way can I complain… you beat me by 2. I am afraid you will hold that record for some time.

Hey CdMonster… Not impossible, but hard to believe. What size power supply do you have? We’ve had a few people return drives that actually were not bad. Their power supply was to small. These drives are known to be power hungry.

yes these 5 have been spread out over 3 different computers. i’ve had power supplys ranging from 350 to 450. i got 2 retail benq’s from newegg and 1 retail from a local computer store and 2 pacifc digital’s from fry’s electronics. i think i posted in this forum everytime 1 died :bigsmile:

i wish i could just get one that would last, because i never got 1 coaster while they were working and the great burns i got out of them too :slight_smile:

That sucks. 350 to 450 should be plenty of juice. The people I was talking about were in the 200 watt range. Just glad as hell that my first one was a winner. :iagree:

maybe i’ll try for a 6th winner. got to stay ahead of chas0039

although i might try a 1640 next time.

Among 3 Lite-On, 1 NEC, 2 AOpen, and 1 BenQ not even one has quite on me. Some times I am looking for excuse to have one fails then replace it with newer one but that hasn’t happened yet.

poor cooling will also kill a drive. maybe you should invest in a case with some airflow around the optical drive area.

I burnt a few discs a day and my BenQ 1620 is still working fine, I say check your setup, updates your drivers, update your windows, check your cable, enable DMA support, update the bios on your motherboard, install the latest intel/Via/Nvidia/SIS chipset software, reflash the BenQ firmware, etc…

trust me i get plenty of airflow in my computer. i thought that was the problem after my 1st died, so i built a new computer with tons of fans. i even left the sides off for a while to see if that would help, but one died durring that test also.

with 7 dvd burners doesn’t seem like you need a excuse to get another one :bigsmile:

i stay up to date with all updates and drivers and i have replaced my benq1620 with a nec 3540 now and it works great no problems so far, so i’m guessing the cords and wires are fine.

I really didin’t like the NEC 3540. It appears to have problems writing at 6x as it steps through its burning zones/speeds.

Although I liked it at first, it wasn’t long until I realised that of my three burners, it produced the worst burns, even with Liggy & Dee’s firmware. So I swapped it a few days ago for another Philips cross-flashed to BenQ 1640.

It was a good CD burner, though.


i don’t think i have ever burned at 6x. i either go at 4 or 8 or 16. i’ve never used a nec before but my burns so far have been very good.

I’m still on my first 1620, had it for 9 months now.

I did not try to emphasis that I have 7 drives, as a matter of fact I am only using BenQ 1640 and NEC 3500 right now, what I was trying to tell you that all these drives when installed they all performed flawlessly with no failure. If have so much failure in 8 months then it must be some thing seriously wrong here, either you are over performing the drive to the point to kill the drive or your system has flaws in it.

5 dead benq1620’s in 8 months

Made in China or Malay?

I would agree. If I was to replace my 1620 today with another BenQ I would certainly go for the 1640, especially as they cost the same. The problems with the 1640 seem to be more scarce and not related to DOA.

However with all the new drives coming from BenQ, NEC, Liteon, and others in the very near future, I will be waiting a while before my next buy.

I agree with chas. Although I’ve been rather dissapointed with the newer drives performance. Still really haven’t seen any company to come out with a better drive than there previous ones. Sure can’t say that NEC did a very good job on the 3540. Sure as hell doesn’t compete with the 3500. And as far as BenQ, I guess the 1640 has come close to the 1620 but IMO I think the 1620 still rocks. (If you get a good one) Wonder how long we’ll have to wait before someone comes out with real Gold!!!:confused:

Off topic: By the way chas, I vote for your favorite scan to be in the Hall of Fame front and center. :clap: :bow: :iagree: