5 children and it. Problems uk version region 2



Im trying to backup 5 children and it. Anydvd says structual copy protection found.

Copy the movie with clone dvd no problem but it doesnt play or start it finds it as a dvd disc in a player but refuses to work start from anywhere.

I can examine the disc on the pc and it has movie files there but the disc doesnt start on any player. No matter how many backups I try.

Took it back to rental shop got another disc exactly the same structure copy protection found no bad sectors errors nothing.

Carnt rent it again becuase its cost 5 quid already just to try to back it up. Could anyone else please report on it see if they have managed to do anything with it.???


Naughty naughty, clone a rented movie, naughty naughty.
don’t broadcast it next time.
might be cheeper to buy it now :wink:


okay i rented it to see if it was okay to buy it.


Send IFOs to support(at)slysoft.com and bugs(at)elby.ch. Disable AnyDVD while copying the .ifo files to harddisk.


I backed this film up using the latest versions of CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD at the time it was released, and i had no problems…

Usually, if its a copy protection issue it simply wont let you back the film up, just like the Sony Arccos does, although i dont think this film had it on, as i too backed it up with no problems.

I would suggest firstly making sure you’ve got the latest version of AnyDVD, 9 times out of 10 you think your version is up to date, it’s usually not, i know, cos ive been caught out before…