5 cd program to dvd

Hi hope somebody can help me I have a program caled microsoft picture it it has 5 cd. So when you install the program you put in cd 1 then it stops and ask for disc 2 and so on. I would like to put them on a dvd disk but dont realy no what to do. so I hope somebody can help thak you.

If unprotected, the usual form of many to one copying is to dump all the sources into the same directory, then write it to a single media - managed to merge some multi-floppy stuff to CD that way.

For this to work, it has to use different filenames for each volume, a common filename only for the same material present on each media (eg. setup.exe), and tag files rather than volume ID to identify each volume - and of course, no protection.

Also do a CDFreaks and google search for “orca” - it’s a software that could be helpful.