5 CD Music Collection (561mb) To 1 CD-R - Is This Possible?

i have a dance album thats is a 5 cd collection &
ive put the disk onto my hard drive.
i want to be able to put all 5 disks onto 1 verbatim super azo cd-r, but when i try this with Nero 7 ultra it goes by the amount of minutes available on the cd-r (80 mins)instead of the amount of space available (700mb)…
when i hover the mouse over the folder the music is stored into it comes up as 561mb, so i dont understand how i cant put it to one disk…
also when i add the music to windows media player it says the total
time is 5 hours 46 minutes…

i would really appreciate some help here, thanks

What format are the music files in that folder?

If they’re in .mp3 format, you can burn it as a data disc (not audio), and fit it all on.

The downside to that, is you’ll only be able to play it on a player that supports .mp3s - regular CD players won’t play it, unless, again they support the .mp3 file format.

This is assuming your files are .mp3, of course. Which is why I asked what format. :slight_smile:

. First off, I’m here, in the Newbie Forum, for a good reason - I’m a Newbie. But I have picked up a lot of good info already (thanks to those in this forum :flower: ). Verify everything I say.

. If you want to end up with a CD audio disc (normal format, plays in everything), you can’t do it. You’re trying to put 5 bushels of corn in a one bushel basket. If I understand what little I’ve learned so far, there is a direct, invariable relationship between time and file size and there is just no way to put 5:46:00 of anything, even silence, on a 80:00 audio disc.
. If you want to end up with a CD data disc with MP3s, then all you need is a 5:1 compression ratio or better - which you already have. If this is what you want, tell Nero to burn a data CD - instead of an audio CD - and it should work (assuming those are MP3s on your HDD).

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