will not start when doubl-clicked

I updated to the new version but it won’t start when i double-click the desktop icon. what can i do?

It is probably already running. Is the red fox in the system tray?

no, the icon isn’t on the tray

Make sure you have backed up your key safely to diskette. Uninstall AnyDVD.

Don’t uninstall from windows add/remove programs.

Use the slysoft uninstaller in start/programs/slysoft/anydvd/uninstall.

re-download the new version and re install.

Next time you update, be sure to turn AnyDVD off when running setup.

I think, from other posts, certain XP computer configurations can result in a glitch during installation if AnyDVD is running. They get some kind of error message like “Cannot write to anydvd.exe” or the update seems to go OK but then it won’t decrypt or anydvd doesn’t recognize the drive. Maybe your glitch is a result of the same problem.

I suggest to uninstall it. Reboot. Reinstall it. Reboot.

@ shokjok,

You have two similar active AnyDVD Forum postings titled “Update not installing” and this posting titled “ will not start when doubl-clicked”. Double posting does not get your problem resolved any quicker but it does cause confusion and is discourteous to Forum Members who respond to your postings. Suggest viewing the Forum Rules (http://club.cdfreaks.com/announcement.php?f=88&announcementid=37).

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Whisperer, I use to turn my AnyDVD off before installing a new version, but then I realized that AnyDVD shut itself down during the install automatically. I agree it is still best to shut down first manually just incase.

Ya, me too, no problem updating. But AnyDVD not being automatically shut down during an update installation is happening on a small minority of poster’s systems I’ve noticed.

I never use the “Automatically Check For New AnyDVD Version” option because I have a dedicated backup box not connected to the internet. I go to Slysoft’s site often to check on updates and download them to another box. Then I do my updates manually by diskette or usb flash drive. But how does that feature work? Is an update automatically downloaded and automatically installed without user intervention? Maybe some configurations of AV or firewall or XP security are stopping setup from disabling AnyDVD during installation. Just guessing.

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