Zune Conv: Video Title Being Written Into "Album" Tag Field

DVDFab Version: Beta
Option: Mobile
Profile: Zune MP4
OS: Windows Home, SP3

Problem Description: The original DVD filename is being written into the “Album” tag field even though both the “Title” and “Filename” fields in the conversion options dialog fields have been changed to reflect title changes. This causes a database video naming / sorting issue with the MS Zune database manager.


  1. Observation and issues via the MS Zune database manager (ver 3) were noted with at least the last two beta version of DVDFab w/mobile option.

  2. The "Album’ field was confirmed as being written into the video header via both MediaInfo 0.7.13 and Mp3Tag editor 2.43.

Temporary Workaround:

  1. Use the Mp3Tag editor to blank out the “Album” field and resave the video.

Problem still exists on version Beta.

Version: DVDFab (Stable)
Profile: Zune using H,264
OS: Windows XP, Home

The latest stable release did not correct the problem, so let me explain the facts in greater detail:

  1. The profile being used is “Zune w/H,264”.

  2. The video is located in a folder on the hard drive

  3. The “title” and “filename” in the “conversion settings” dialog box are changed by me.

  4. At the start of conversion, DVDFab creates a subdirectory structure as follows: Zune/xxx_yyy/filename.mp4, where Zune and xx_yyy are folders that DVDFab creates to hold filename.mp4.

  5. Conversion completes. No problems other than the missing last two min of audio (known issue)

  6. The MS Zune database manager accepts and syncs “filename.mp4"with the Zune device (no problems). At this stage the 'album” tag field in the video header is not visible to the user.

  7. After sync’g, the Zune device lists all videos alphabetically by title. The normal view is “title” followed by “video length” in hrs/min. However, since DVDFab is writing into the “Album” tag field, the Zune instead sorts / displays xxx_yyy followed by title. Since the Zune display is only 2 lines long, the video length is also no longer shown.

The above described problem is recent. Versions of DVDFab (Mobile Option) did not have this problem in early April. The current workaround is:

  1. Use a version of DVDFab which does not exhibit the problem

  2. or, use a tag editor to blank out the Album field before sync’g.

DVD to Mobile:
Profile: Zune, H,264

Problem still exists in DVD to Mobile ver per previous description

This also happens in converting DVD to Mobile wfor ipod & iphone