beta with imgburn



I just installed the new beta and tried a movie but when it went to burn using imgburn I got the oh no sound and it would not burn. Anyone know what is different on beta compared to beta that would cause imgburn not to start burning right away?


seems that it’s writing ISO and not to the burner…

I checked and "output setting " jumped from device to ISO.

hope someone knows what’s going on…

I know it’s fab because I was able to use shrink to rip,
closed and then brought up imgburn and there I had now problem.
I checked all settings in ImgBurn and all points to my E drive plextor but something is changing automatically.

maybe this is problem? Beta (December 5, 2008)
New: Create ISO image file by using burning engine VSO, Nero or ImgBurn.
New: Updated VSO burning engine.
It is beta version so buggy prob …?



Use ImgBurn in standalone mode as a temporary workaround until Fengtao has a chance to look at this. I get the same results. The ISOs are perfect, just went to the wrong place.


figured that out too after a while…
Useing Imgburn alone…

I also used ripit4me/shrink/then Imgburn tonite for a change of 'scenery after I saw what was happening.

Haven’t used that combo in a year…lol


ImgBurn problem will be fixed in next version, which should be released today.


Cool thanks fengtao and thanks to signals and rago88 who posted also as I was starting to think I was doing newbie thing


Yeah, it’s screwy alright. I received a pm from another member asking me to take a look. I was able to reproduce and confirm his findings. With Img, the correct file path is not recognized. The file is created in [I]my documents [/I]and not in the Fab temp folder. This occurs even after redirecting the file path.

We also found that the burn speed was pushed up to 40-50X. When I used Img in Write Data mode, I found that the disc was untouched even though both Fab and the burn log told me the operation completed successfully. These discs were still usable. In Customize mode, just a a few kbs of the log file were “burned”. This time I selected a burn speed of 4X and burned to a Verb 4X +RW…the burn speed dropped to about 20-24X…lol

I second GJ’s thanks to everyone who posted… and to you too GJ…you were the one who brought the problem to light and started the thread.

And thanks to Fengtao for being right there with his support…as always.


Your welcome maineman and thanks for posting what you tested too as I stopped and used nero as the burn engine after I noticed the problem.