5.1 Burning Issue - Urgent

Hi! I’ve been burning CD-Rs for a while now from 1960’s oldies vinyl and some downloads; I just found out that some songs playback in stereo, and others in 5.1 Dolby Digital (all 6 speakers, it appears). Why is this and can I get them all to burn in 5.1 surround? I’m using Goldwave sound editor to clean-up and tweak the files before burning with Nero Express software which comes with Lite-On burner. Need expert advice! :bow:

Unfortunatly, your asking the impossible, audio cd’s are only 2 channel sound, though they do support 4 channel (i’ve never found one that has this, nor have i seen any burning program offer this option). I have used foobar 2000, windows media player and winamp and all play my mp3 files back in 5.1 surround, because of the settings in the programs. As for why some do and some dont, cant answer that, other than it may have been whatever the original source was.

However sonys SACD players play in 5.1 surround, http://www.sonymusic.com/sacd/faq/index.html, i dont know of any program or drive that can burn these types of disk.

it is possible to burn SACD not dvd-audio’s, but I forget what app. does it, could be nero(?)

vanray, try this site www.surcode.com

As 2dividedby0 said about the “impossible”, it is actually possible…But the file u create won’t be the standard wav file u usually have.

It achieves the surround by allowing you to combine six individual wav files together, so this means u somehow have to extract the audio into each individual components (i think)…unfortunately there is no fully functional trial version…

I have some DTS cd’s in my collection…they are 5.1. They were sold in the US and Japan mainly.
(they are not sacd, you only need a DTS capable amp)

Not sure…butt i think besweet can make some files to 5.1.

it is possible to burn SACD

Don’t think it is possible. BUt if you know the software,please let us know.
Buit dvd-audio seems to be possible;