5 1/4 Floppy on USB?



Does anyone know of a way to get a 5 1/4 Inch floppy drive on an external connector, e.g. USB or parallel port?
Rather obscure, but some might see perverse delight in solving this problem.


well i can’t remember, but if the 5 1/4" connects to a standard ide cable, you could buy an external case for a cd burner or something like that. I took apart my old 4x external backpack cdrewriter, pos i know.

But the cable was USB for the computer and on the other end was parallel. Inside the case on the circuit board there was a connector for the standard ide interface. it might work, probably the biggest issue would be a driver.


It connects to the same cable as a regular floppy, but a different plug. I don’t think this is possible with a standard solution.