5.1.1 and profiles!

Audio CD, Audio CD +, Bad sectors, normal…
That’s right but…:confused:
When tages profile??:slight_smile:
Tages is not a new copy protection.
I think that tages is (and will be) uncopyable.
I would like to know the opinion of Blindwrite Team Menber.
By the way, congratulations for all of them for their great job with the program.

You can always create your own profiles if you think it is sooo easy!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Here is just example but try tinkering around… Then when you crack the tages problem you can join the VSO team :bow:

ooops left out image :o

Is there some instruction to know all parameters description for make a profile ???

look at the other profiles, and it should be clear on how to make them

what is ‘invisible=7’?

i think u can use the tweaker.
save to profile,then look for it C:\windows\bw5tweaker.ini and open,look for the saved profile name in [ ] and copy and paste in another ini

I’m also interrested in some good instructions about all the different features of the profiles as Voyager wrote.
The “invisble=7” think for example, what’s this? or what’s decrypt? I don’t know them all as many others, I think. Perhaps somebody can explain these two or perhaps list them all. Would be nice:)