cust split not updating percentage?

When I opened a DVD with a whole lot of titles (Looney Tunes Gold volume 6), it defaulted to less than 100% for disk 1.

I unchecked some titles on disk1 and checked them on disk 2.

This initially had some effect (they percentage went up for disk 1).

But, after removing a few titles, the percentage stopped going up (and the MB stayed the same), then after removing a few more, the MB started going down again and percentage started going up.

Is this a defect, or because the titles are already included as part of another title?

If so, what is the proper way to strip out all the menus, and only keep the actual content, sorted by play time - without keeping duplicate titles?

BTW - being able to sort by play time in all windows would be very useful, and the ability to drag select thru a range of checkboxes.

Also, it appears that you can only change ‘title playback order settings’ for the 1st disk of a split in ‘customize split’?

Thanks! Great product for backup, young kids eat DVDs like candy

If there is a “Play All” title you should UNcheck it from [B]both[/B] discs. If you disable PathPlayer (not recommended) the titles will often be listed in playtime order, but this can vary with the backup mode and content. I have these LT collections too but am on a business trip with no access, sorry.

Signals - what I generally do when buying a DVD is to rip it in customize mode to an ISO, removing menus and any real small titles.

The movie is watched on a video server a few times while it is still ‘fresh’.

Then a backup DVD is burned from the ISO. If the ‘extra features’ on the DVD were worth watching again, they are burned also, but maybe not so as to fit it on one DVD.

The problem I have with this procedure is that maybe 90% of the time, when I’m ripping from the ISO that DVD Fab Platinum created, it will crash or not see any titles if I have PathPlayer enabled.

So, I have to disable pathPlayer, and then rip from the ISO - so I cant follow your suggestion.

Maybe an update to DVD Fab will enable me to keep PathPlayer on at all times, even when ripping an ISO created by DVD Fab?


Maybe an update to DVD Fab will enable me to keep PathPlayer on at all times, even when ripping an ISO created by DVD Fab?

I don’t think this will happen and I don’t think it’ll work if Fengtao tried. There are far too many disc structure issues.

Honestly though, I’ve never been a fan of the split mode…way too problematic for me and I’ve never tried customize split.
In the rare times that I do try to split a disc, I opt for plain old customize and just configure it the way I want.
Personally, I just don’t have the patience for it since DL burning became reliable and a blank verb runs me about $1.10 on sale.

I took a look at my LT discs. I have the Golden Collection, 4 disc set.
I don’t see Vol.#6 anywhere though.
#1 Best of Bugs Bunny, #2 Best of Daffy and Porky, #3 LT All Stars, #4…56 Restored Uncut Animated Shorts.

Is this the same set?

I’d be glad to give it a shot and see if I can help you troubleshoot.
Could you provide a screenshot of how you configured the discs?

maineman - the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 6 is the latest.

They are pretty cool, and contain unedited cartoons (all the politically incorrect stuff is there - generally with a disclaimer by Whoopi Goldberg or someone of equal stature).

There are about 31 titles. The largest is 1:45 and the shortest are just a few minutes.

My guess is that almost all of the small titles are included in the larger titles, they just set up their disks in a strange way.

Bummer that I won’t ever be able to keep path player on for an ISO that DVD Fab Platinum created. I’d think if it created it, it would insure that all the structures were set up properly.

Any comment on that Fengtao?