I have been using DVDFAB for awhile. Recently, I got the error that I should enable PathPlayer. It still didn’t burn, I then got the error, error reading disk. I had a friend do it on her computer with an older version. THen I got a message to get and downloaded it, now on a different disk, I still get the error and sometimes the DVDFAB says there was a problem and it has to shut down. Any ideas? My disk drives seem to be working well with other things. THanks for any help you can give.

This issue can be caused by a few factors, a dirty disc (fingerprints) and or small scratches…try cleaning the disc and also try with Pathplayer “DISABLED”.
another thing to try is cleaning the lens on the drive by using a optical lens cleaner disc.
As a last resort you can make a change in common settings–>Read to… ignor all read errors

Have a nice day :flower: and BTW welcome to CD Freaks

THanks. I’ll try all of those things.