5.01.112 problem

got this to try out the trial version,one problem got a liteon writer when i try to back up my Rotk play disc safedisk version 3 it says analyzing disk and nothing happens it just stays there is that normal?but any other cd i throw at it for example securom it starts the reading process???the install disks for return of the king it reads cd1 and cd2 the third cd it wont read only analyzing,funny think my pioneer 105 it reads it,can anyone help out here?like to purchase but not like this is this a bug??or my fault?

Edit:yes im able to use previous versions also its just this one the trial version it reads everything else except that cd3…using this version my pioneer 105 is able to read it it works with that writer but when i try using my liteon it just stays there saying analyzing media and nothing happens???Anyone…

Anyone from the Blindwrite Team care to comment???

Iwould not be posting if i had any idea why this has heppened still waiting for Blindwrite team to reply??

UPDATE: the newest one does the damn same thing it only says analyzing media and nothing happens!!!whats going on??im trying lord of the rings return of the king…please help me out guys im really stuck here…

EDIT::52246s thats my liteon model;;;just tried it again and samething analyzingm edia then nothing happens for 30min,then used my pioneer 105 and it works!!!why doesnt it work with my liteon???any clues. just wondering if i use my pioneer dvd writer to read the disc and burn with my liteon will i get a good copy??

are you able to read the cd without bw 5?

Double check your IDE settings.

How long do you let it go? It took almost 25 minutes to do the image with a lite-on 52246S, but it did make a good back-up, try again and let it go.