Mobile: Videos Encoded with Zune Profile (H,264) No Longer Recognized by Device

Moderator: This is the 2nd writeup by myself concerning the same problem. I had written one earlier, but have not seen the posting so I am assuming it’s lost. If it appears, please delete either ths one or the earlier version. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Using DVDFab, videos encoded using the Mobile Zune profile (H,264) are no longer recognized by the Micosoft Zune transcoding software as valid files. Therefore, the files cannot be downloaded into the Zune device. I am using the Zune 80G. Inspection of the encoded files reveals that although the audio is still encoded as AAC, the profile has changed from “LC” to “Main”. I suspect that this is one of the issues causing the incompatibility problem, but there may be others.

Using the same default settings as with, no compatibility problems are encountered with previous versions of DVDFab.

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To Developers:
Hope this is enough information, please fix asap



This problem is the same as mp4 file no sound in iPod, I have found this, would be fixed in the next beta.

Thanks report the bug.