- dvd image burning and buffers

hi 2 all,

dunno what’s wrong with it - maybe nothing, but let me ask u guys anyway.

while burning cd-rs and cd-rws clonecd uses and fills both buffers regularly and everything is fine with that (showing usage percentage etc.).

when trying to burn a dvd from image stored on hdd, clonecd shows zero buffer activity - both channels stay on 0%.

i wonder if that’s normal or what!?

clonecd + pioneer dvr-a08xla

many thanks in advance.

i noticed the same thing aswell yesterday when i did my first burn to dvd with clonecd.
both buffers stay at zero.
wondering if this is normal aswell ???

been trying everything, even googling all the time - looking 4 possible answers…
no hope, buffers still laying dormant

Yeah I noticed that when making dvd image file and then burning to dvd+r dl the buffer dont show activities but for me it did copy 1:1 my dvd movie perfectly. Everything including the copy protection-I played the dvd from beginning to end on my DVD player and it worked excellent including all the menus. You will need AnyDvd running with CloneCD to do this 1:1 copy though remember that.


yep… been using clonecd in conjunction with anydvd.
the result is a perfect 1:1 copy - no doubt about it.
maybe it’s the buffer related program bug or smthng!?

Could be that but as long as it works I am happy with my setup. But as long as you can get 1:1 copy I can live with that. Bug or buffer issues or problem as long as they work copying DVD movies I am happy with it. So did my insight help out here?

a bit…
thnx anyway

Perhaps it doesn’t need/use a buffer % due to the entire disk is on the HD? That seems to negate the need for a “buffer” as the entire thing is in one location and in the order that it needs to be for the burning engine to use most effeciently.

been thinking of that lucky, could be the possible reason!
thnx a bunch.

It has to use buffer… As even when hard disk is fast compared to DVD burning, one delay in reading process means buffer underrun… So… That is not how it works… DVDs burns way more data in second than CD and CDs needs buffers…

I have the same issue. I noticed the orginal poster was buring on a pioneer dvd drive, maybe this is the issue. I have a phillips(benq1640) and it does fine with the buffers. When I try and burn with either of my 2 pioneer DVR-111D drives I get no buffer and the DVD+R DL is a coaster. I can burn fine to this and all media with other programs such as imgburn Prassi ONES and Nero. I am stumped about this buffer problem.

Came across this reply from Slyoft in the AnyDVD forum regarding CloneCD burning DVDs and no buffers being indicated.