Where is Disc 2 Iso After Split?



In after splitting a DVD9 to iso files, I can’t find the Disc 2 iso file. Disc 1 shows up fine in the \DVDFAB\ISO folder but disc 2 is nowhere to be found. I can see that the disc 2 VIDEO_TS folder is created during the rip and DVDFAB reports the second disc iso being created but it seems to lose the second iso file.

OK a quick search of my hard drive found two disc 2 iso’s; one in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator and one in C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5. (I tried to rip it twice). Kind of strange that it wouldn’t put the file in the same directory as disc 1. (My DVDFab temp directory is on a different drive than the system drive). I’m running XP not Vista.

Sounds like a bug to me. Please fix. I’ll be using v4 until 5 works right.



Anybody else have this problem?


Recently, I’ve seen a number of posts re: various problems with “split mode”.
Personally, I never use this mode and the few times I have split a disc, way back when…I did it manually.
As my good friend signals has mentioned a few times recently, simply use customize mode and configure your own discs. It’s really not a bad work-around.
Fengtao has this on his short “to do list”


Hi jdmilla,

Please try latest to see the result.

Best Regards,


Great! Thank you. I’ll try and let you know