4x vs 8x burn speed

I just ordered a 1640 and am just waiting for it to come.
To get the BEST QUALITY burns does this burner perfer 8x or 4x? i ask because my pioneer A109 is OK at 8x but very good at 4x.
I only use genuine TYG02 8x dvd-r’s.

I’d say 8x. Check out the 1640 SL media test thread.


all depends on which media you are using :wink: its unlikely you will get better results at 4x on that media

If you are using TY as you say you are go for 8x or even faster …

The general rule is +R can be improved by slowing the burn and -R cannot. I found G05 was worse but I have found TYG02 was better on one of my drives; can’t recall which one though. You could always burn one and scan and see what it looks like.

g05 can be better at 4x, depends on the drive. nec2510, pioneer 107 burn g05 better at 4x.

I fully agree with chas0039. On benQ’s 16** TYG02 burns best at its rated speed (8x) with WOPC enabled.

Some members have had problems to get 1640 to burn 4 and 8x rated dash media at 8x, but this seems to be solved with the latest firmware.

BTW check out this thread; ‘post your BenQ 1640 SL media…’