4X rated DVD-R only burns at 4X? Not any lower?

Hi, a few newb questions :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, i have BenQ DW1620A flashed to DW1620 retail with latest FW.

First, as title says, does 4x rted DVD-R only burns at 4X? Not any lower? Cause i tried to change the speed in Nero, only 4x is available.

Secondly, I checked over the internet, but still don’t quite get it. What’s the differences between DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD-ROM.

Ok, here’s what I got so far.

  • DVD-R was industry standard and readable on >97% of all DVD devices (incl. ps2, dvd player…)
  • DVD+R came later and is readable on newer devices (dvd player… how about ps2?)
  • BenQ burner can do bitsetting to make DVD+R into DVD-ROM which increases compatiblity. (but does it make it the same as DVD-R, less compatible? or more compatible? on ps2?)

Also, I don’t know if anyone knows, but ps2 take DVD+R DL burns?

big thanks!!! this forum really makes things alot easier!


DVD-ROM = Pressed DVD ROM, aka original disc
DVD-R / DVD+R = Recordable DVD

As to the difference between them, DVD+R I believe uses a wobble in grove for addressing, DVD-R uses markers in the groove for addressing (Basically different ways for the drive to know where it is)

As for compatability, basically either should be fine, some players read one sort & not other though.

Book type (bit setting) only tells players that they are dealing with a specific type of disc (faking a DVD+R to look like a DVD-ROM) so that they can play it as an ordinary disc, it may get around some players that have been told not to play DVDR discs. I have not had to set the book type of any disc I have burnt with my old burner but apparently it does help on older equipment.

Slower burning is only possible if the drive has a stratagy to write to the media slower. My AN31 discs (Crap quality & dont burn in my BenQ) can only be burnt at 4x. Please remeber that rated media usually performs best at the rated speed, no slower, no faster.

Just to follow up on your last question even though its not really BenQ related but all PS2’s have very flaky support for DVD+R DL even discs bitset to DVD-ROM.

I’ve heard of a few small cases where it has worked but for most people games dont work and movies suffer playback problems even if the movies playback fine in standalone DVD players.

The only way you will know is if your burn a disc and try it, if it doesnt work in the PS2 then forget it as you will only be wasting media.

thanks guys!!

I wouldn’t say usually… sometimes, maybe. In my experience and from reading online tests of both CD-R and DVD+/-R media, slightly slower than rated speed is usually ideal. The quality difference, however, is often subtle.