4x -R Taiyo Yuden 100 Pack-$28 + Shipping


SuperMediaStore continues to offer this great 4x media here:

Remains the “Gold Standard” for 4x IMO


@Mike: I understand you like that media, but get with the times buddy, they are going to stop even producing 8x media soon, I think Verbatim has already done so. This stock has to be old, I know they will last 100 years but TYG02 is only 33.00 from your favorite Rima.com. What are you saving .05 a disc. You better stock up now because I don’t think it will be available for long.

Come on alan1476, play nice. I also know this is “old” media and some people might want to upgrade to TYG02 or other soon to be obsolete 8X, but a deal is a deal and TYG01 is better on some drives.

I still want Mike to point these deals out, even if it something I might not want. You never know.

Don’t you guys have a sense of humor, I was only kidding, Big Mike has given us all the scoop on the best deals out there and I thank him.


Thanks Bras-

Also - not all of us have the latest and greatest burners - so some with the “speed challenged” burners may be interested-

Me - I have 300 TY - TYG02’s and about 35 TYG01’s; 150 Verbatim MCC 003’s and another 150 of the MCC 02RG20 and another 75 MCC 03RG20 and 50 Maxell MXL RG03’s

So you can see that my find was not for me - but for the others around here-

And alan - I personally took it as humor-


Thanks Mike: At least somebody on this forum can understand an old mans sense of humor. Us senior citizens are sometimes misunderstood.

Good deal, I will stick to the ones from rima though. :wink:

Yo Jesterrace-

I totally agree-

However - Rima does not have the 4x for about a year now - and SuperMediaStore is probably in short supply-

I bought my 4x 100 shrink pack from SuperMediaStore - and they are great!! (for 4x - but burn 8x on my NEC’s)


For me I have the Pioneer 109. Only burns those 4x at 4x but the 8x ones burn at 12x with no problems. So a fairly significant difference there. :wink: So that is why I prefer the TYG02s unless there is a big price differential. That huge price differential no longer exists. EDIT YIKES!!! $38.09 shipped for Premium 8x TYG02 from rima and $35.71 shipped for 4x value line TYG01 from supermediastore. Certainly no savings there for me. :doh:

i always order from supermediastore i’ve never seen a G01 its always G02 when i order 4x


That is what I thought I was going to get - and got the 4x - but was very happy with them and the burned results-


Why aren’t TY disks carried at any of the major US chains? Also, why do we rarely see Maxell disks being offered at a sizeable markdown?


Taiyo Yuden may be restricted by their licenses or agreements with Fuji and other brands that use their medias-

Maxells are frequently discounted at Office Depot (about once a month or so) - so watch for the ads and in this forum-


the 4x TYG01 are available at Shop4tech again. US$31 incl shipping, I got the G02 last time.
never tried supermediastore, they always try to tack on huge shipping costs so i never bother.

And guess what boys and girls…I will still hook up referals…and another coupon code…

TY discs are carried at major US chains; they’re just rebranded. You can find TY media as Fuji, Sony, TDK, JVC and Panasonic DVD media at retailers in the US. TY has never, to my knowledge, used its own brand “That’s CD/DVD” in the US but only in Asia.

Yup, outside of “That’s” in asia you won’t ever find TY under it’s own brand in stores.

Nevertheless it varries. You order from rima, you always get TYG02. That is not the case with value line TY. I too ordered from supermediastore and got a 100 pack of the 4x TYG01s. Certainly not a bad deal at $30 shipped for 100 of them (This was a few months ago) but the disparity between value TY and premium TY now is almost non-existant. :wink: I can understand the value of this deal to those with old burners though.

Sorry, I am rather literal. It went right over my head.

What do you consider an “old burner”. The double layers have been out for over a year now. Do you mean pre-double layer, first generation DVD burners, or anything other than the latest wave that came out in the last four months?