4x problems

hi everyone wonder if anyone cant help me out on a wee problem im having with my pioneer 106 -d writter im burning dvds at 2x with no problems but when it comes to writting at 4x its making errors eg. squares jumping ect ! also on the dvd (dye side) after writting at 4x there are circles going round the disk that are a lighter shade than what the rest of the dvd has written it i think this is where the errors are !! ive tried all diffrent kinds of 4x disks and the same problem occurs. if anyone has had the same problem or knows what my problem could be i would be greatfull if you could email me with suggestions gazzacool@hotmail.com

I hope you don’t mind if I respond in the forum, but I’m choosey about who gets my e-maill address.

If it’s not the media that’s messing the burning up then it might be your pc.

If the computer is under stress (i.e. loads of programs running at once) then that can make all the diffrence between a good and bad burn. Although your burner has buffer underun protection, if it happens too many times the CD/DVD can have errors (especially if the buffer runs out half way though a file).
At 2X the computer does not have to work as hard, so there are no underuns.

Defrag your hard disc and try burning just after re-booting, and see if that helps.