4x PC-E .. Quad SLI


where u can see… this:

madness …

Yay! More opportunity for enthusiasts, aka idiots, to subsidise the cards for the masses :slight_smile:

Fun thing that cable. Gigabyte can afford to make strange inventions but not screens with DVI-input :smiley:

Time to call those bars instead of cards.

It seems dedicated only for games… There is no space for anything

Nothing but coolers. :iagree:

another crazy “thing” after 1.1KW supply … esh gamers or not it’s too much for me i need to drink … mad world…

To me, a graphic card that costs over US$10 is just as crazy.

Nah, that would never get you more than a very crappy card in the Uk, more like £40 if you want something good on a low budget.

Though I said “card,” I meant integrated graphics. 945G motherboards don’t cost much more than 945P motherboards. Most computers I have have less than 945G.

Ah, makes sense now, but the card (the newer one) in my sig cost £40.

And you still can’t play quake4!

Don’t really want to! More interested in WoW to be honest. Basically, PC isn’t my primary gaming machine (XBox is), hence I only upgrade when there is something that I need it to do that it won’t.

At £400 a card not cheap but would you be able to find a case that could fit all those cards?

Asus does 4 way SLI with two dual-core 7800GT (with dual memory-control too). Very very experimental. But imagine the awesome mutant baby of power if Asus and Gigabyte merged their solutions, effectively 8 graphics cards!

Dear god!

With 8 GPU’s, you would need to bolt your PC to the floor, otherwise all the air from those required fans would lift your PC off the ground & fly away!

…taking a chunk of the house with it!

/me dreams of the potential eye-candy that machine would have on offer.

/me dreams of the zombie hordes eyeing off chriso’s eye-candy machine…

“Frames … Frames … FRAMES!!!”