How come I can’t find any in 4x in like 5 or 10 packs or any packs? office depot, office max, best buy, circuit city, all of them. they have them only in 2x or 2.4x. some online places have them but they are like 25 pack spindles. i just want about 5 or 10 w/ the jewl case. :a


Hope you’re willing to pay a premium.

I find those JVC’s to be of excellent quality. Wish not so expensive, though.

I bought two Sony Mij 25 spindles of 1-4 speed DVD + RWs at COMP USA yesterday for $17.99 each.

They are normally $34.99 each. They are on sale thru January 15th.

I think that is a very good deal ( for me anyway ).

what about these sony’s at staples. any good?