4x DVD+RW media

I have a Plextor 708A on order and am looking for media.

Based on Plextor’s recommendations, the only +RW media that will do 4x is Ricoh (DRWD-4X) or Mitsubishi Chemical (DTW47U/V).

Three questions:

  1. I can’t find this stuff anywhere. Where can I buy it? (in English)

  2. Which is better?


  1. Are there others besides Plextor’s recommendations that will work with equal performance/quality?

Thanks a bunch…

RICOHJPNW11 will burn very well at 4x on my LiteOn, and it’s very common. Memorex +RW 4x is the most common brand.

I have Memorex 4x DVD+RW (Ricoh) and it burns perfectly in my PX-708A.

Only enough demand will enable price reduction for DVD+RW 4x media. I haven’t seen any retailer that sells them in a very large quantity. In South Korea, Ritek-made DVD+RW 4x price is 4,000 Korean Won, or about 3.4 USD per disc. (Compared to .5 USD for Princo 2x DVD-RW.)