4X DVD+RW media with embedded USB technology!



I just posted the article 4X DVD+RW media with embedded USB technology!.

    How many times  have you just about finished backing up a movie on a SCSI or even a (shudder) IDE  burner with today's "plain vanilla" media, only to have it turn out to  be unreadable...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10349-4X-DVDRW-media-with-embedded-USB-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10349-4X-DVDRW-media-with-embedded-USB-technology.html)

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I really have to wonder how these USB discs will perform under the new Windows Longhorn OS. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would tellya … but I would have to kill a as I am under an NDA at the moment! :c


www.usb.org could probably sue for deceptive use of their logo/trademarks. Pretty similar, and I’m sure they can do something to stop it.


Never you mind. Its for those with AOL connected usb floppy drives to run under Windows Me. :B


Oh that’s hilarious. Anything for the dumb consumer! Lmao :slight_smile:
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I never thought it would come to this as being news, but I did have a good laugh when 3 months ago my friend got hold of one in AU and gave it to me to burn for him :)!!!- but still - i do have respect for these at 80c AU per piece - and partially good quality, i find them to be good enough


Imagine being a support person for an IT company, only to get the following phone call: [B]IT Person:[/B] Thank you for ringing Home Fast Support. You are through to Peter, how may I help you? [B]Caller:[/B] I was told my a friend that a USB disk would solve all my floppy problems… no more bad floppies, no more out of space, so I just bought this USB disk my friend recommended, but would like to know how to use it. [B]IT Person:[/B] Just plug it in! You’ll find the slot behind your PC under where your keyboard plugs in. [B]Caller:[/B] Huh? What do you mean plug it in? This disk looks just like a CD and says “no worries USB Technology”. [B]IT Person:[/B] Well, a CD is definitely not a USB disk and I’ve never come across a USB disk that is round either. Just make sure you remove its cap and plug the thin end in. [B]Caller:[/B] Well my one is round! My disc does not have a cap, but I have took it out of its CD case. [B]IT Person[/B] What do you mean it comes in a CD case? So you have bought a blank CD then? [B]Caller:[/B] Nope as my disc also says DVD plus RW on it. [B]IT Person[/B] Hmmm. Looks like you bought a blank DVD+RW and not a USB Disk. [B]Caller:[/B] But… It says on the disc that it has USB Technology. [B]IT Person:[/B] Blank DVDs and USB disks are two totally different things. Do you have a DVD burner? [B]Caller:[/B] Nope, I thought I don’t need one as my computer does have USB and the disk does say ‘USB Technology’. [B]IT Person:[/B] Well, whether your PC has USB or not, that disc is not going to work for you if you don’t have a DVD burner. [B]Caller:[/B] I’m worried. … :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they mean USB as in Uses Subtle Bullshit :g


ooo! - vgv!


I would’ve guessed some (clueless) peripheral company mastered drivers for a USB card to DVD+RW… Reminds me of the video store that used to put “Be kind…rewind” stickers on LaserDiscs (the stickers were actually EAS tags)