4x DVD-R show "Illegal Disc" Error Message with my Lite-On SOHW-1653s (CS09)

hi, need some advice. I just bought Lite-On SOHW-1653s (f/w: CS09) yesterday. However, it showed “llegal disc” message as I burn my video compilation with 4x DVD-R disc using Nero Burning Rom (see the attached files for the media code and also the Nero error message)

Appreciate your opinion.

I think the error message is trying to tell you something. The drive does not like this media ;). You could try upgrading your firmware but I would really suggest that you find some better quality media to feed your Liteon. :slight_smile:

CodeKing, u r rite. I tried to burn my video compilation using another media (Brand: Imation 4x DVD-R), it just works excellent with recording time 14:47. (see the media code). I will try to upgrade the firmware to see whether it works well with the Interaxia code.

Thanks anyway.:wink:

I believe CS41 is out for your particular firmware upgrade. Get it here. .

Best of luck

PS: Yoda says there “…is no try, only do or do not…”