4X DVD-R media 100 pack - $23.00 free shipping



is this a good buy? or is there a better site some where that i dont know of.
oh and its free shipping 2-3 ups ground.



No free shipping when I tried to enter an order for 2 packages. Over $12 shipping for two or $8.55 for one.


If you’re getting free shipping, please tell how…I’d love to get in on this w/ free ship!


No kidding. That is a hell of a steal.


whoops my mistake i apologize sincerely. i was looking at other items and assumed it was free shipping, but the ones with the bus icon indicates free shipping on the website.



Shop4tech just sent me an email this morning with a 10% off code, “TAX10”. The 4x Taiyo Yuden -R discs are $32 for 100 with free domestic ground shipping, minus 10% with coupon code, yields $28.80 shipped. Or buy 200 for $62 for a net of $55.80 after coupon, shipped.



Oh, they are running that special again, are they? :smiley:


Not a bad price on either deals, they both work out to about the same, ~.28/disc…

Although I have been eyeing that 500 pack at shop4tech @ $135 shipped…


Yo t.p.k-

500 discs is ALOT of discs!!! and if shop4tech sends you some bummers - you are screwed IMO-



Can either of these burn at 8X given the right firmware?


Yes, depending on your burner, although I prefer to burn at half the rated speed, rather than twice the rated speed. BTW, your use of the word “either” makes no sense, since both stores are selling the same disks.

You can get these at a third store, see:



Meritline has perhaps the worst reseller rating of any of the shops commonly shopped among CD-Freaks though. Some here have had good luck with them thusly, others have not.



True, I figure I can sit on those discs, and by the time I’m done with em, DL discs will be around ~.28/disc!! wishful thinking off

You are right about the quality though, I think I’ll just stick with supermedia.


Yo t.p.k-

Smart move - you will probably be better off in the long run-