4x DVD-R disks ok to use in an 8x drive?

I aquired some old Verbatim DVD-R’s that havent been opened, it says for use only in 4x drives what will happen if I try to burn them at 8x? I usually use dvdshrink and even though I know Nero lets you select the burn speed, does it go around what you set when dvd shrink activates nero to burn a compressed backup? is there any possibility of it damaging my burner, It says improper use of disks (mean improper drives?) could result in damage to Media and HARDWARE??? how? thanks for any help

As far as I know you can burn them in your 8X drive but you’ll still want to burn them at 4X or there’s a greater chance of errors occuring during the burn process. Apparently good quality discs can often be burned faster than they are rated though.

unless you have hacked firmware they will burn at 4x
the mesage that is on the disks relates to older writers that burn at 1x or 2x (some of these needed a firmware upgrade) since these discs were manifactured before your writer they will be compatible without problems