4x DVD burners



I keep hearing that 4x burners should be out this summer. Has anyone actaully seen an article or something they can point me to? I cant wait to get one but would like to wait for 4x.


Check my site for news of the x4 from Sanyo.


Originally posted by dvdwriters
Check my site for news of the x4 from Sanyo.

dvdwriters, your site has been down for some time. Or at least I cant get to it? Any word on an A05? ETA?


Hmm thats strange… if you access dvdwriters.co.uk yes it will be down… but I have been jumping ISP 2 ISP recently… so it could be that the DNS was pointing to an OLD place.

As for the A05 well there hasnt been much information apart from rumours that it will do x4 recording.

The Sanyo is very nearly here and can do x4 recording so just keep an eye out for it.

But I bet the disks will be expensive :slight_smile: they will probably charge a hefty premimum.