4x burns for Verbatim DL media

Anyone with the 3500 tried 4x burns with Verbatim DL media?? What is the quality of these burns as compared with the standard 2.4x???
I was thinking of getting a 3540 for the faster DL burns but if 4x and higher produces coasters or crappy burns then I may just pass.

Thank you.

Burned with my 3500 5 verbatim’s DVD+R DL (full capacity) @ 4x so far… (dvd-rom book type)

No problem @ all … All 5 play PERFECT in any dvd player (old or new) from start to end.

I’ll quality scan them later @ night and post the results if you want

Thanks Strangezero, I appreciate the scans. But if you want to save time/effort and just let me know if the scans are in the same league as the 2x burns that would be fine as well.

Thanks again.

Went home late @ night (Greece… only for holidays…).

I didn’t have the time to do anything.

BTW i never burned them @ 2x so i can’t compare.

But with 4x i get a straight read line and perfect media quality. Don’t worry… but only use 4x with verbatim cause i used it in prodisc and the disc was junk ! (tried 2)

Seems good enough at 4x to me