4x and 8x media speed?



I have been using CloneDVD very successfully for a while. I have used several brands of 4x DVD+R media and they all seemed to work the same - just fine. Then, I tried some 8x DVD-R media, as this is what they had at the store at the time. In each case, the 8x media takes a LOT longer to write. It takes about 40 minutes to do the complete CloneDVD deal on the 4x and 1 hour and 15 minutes to do it using the 8x. Simple logic would seem to say the 8x should be faster. I went back to 4x media and the speed returned. ???. Makes me wonder, is there a setting that I should have made to accomodate the 8x media?




Please check, if there is a firmware update for your writer.


Which DVD Writer do you have?


Sounds like an issue of writer/media compatability!


Any chance you may have some crappy no-name bargain DVD media? Download DVD Identifier to check for the media code. Repost.

Also set CloneDVD to burn at 8X.


What some burners do if they don’t recognize a particular media is that they use a 1X or 2X burn strategy. That could explain your slow down using the new 8X media. What burner do you have? A firmware update is worthwhile if one exists for your model.


Check whether your burner can handle the type of x8 media you used. I had almost the same problem some months ago. Actually it was worth than your experience. It turned out a media problem, though it was a good brand.

Second, I updated the firmware. It did not help much, but in your case it might be a solution.

I surpassed this problem changing media (using RICOHJPN02) and burning with CloneDVD2 speed set to x8, not “Maximum” speed.