4x all the way, is it possibile?

CodeKing & Codes,

Is it possibile for u guys to modify a firmware, so that if burning at 4x, it will burn all the way through 4x instead of 2x then 4x!?

thx :slight_smile:

I think it is possible but the drive itself does some power calibration @ 2X before switching to 4x… It sure would remove the mountain at the beginning of the disk we get with 4x media… But then again I always wondered why it starts off at the slowest speed in the inner ring and not start off from the outer ring :slight_smile: as the media can be tested more there as the data in the end is less important than the data in the beginning so the drive can make adjustments…

I would just say why not constant speed all the way through!? Is it because the drive will spin slower and slower!!? Anyway, all i need is something like for 8x burn, “Force Recalibration to 4x” at the 6x & 8x point…

or even simplier(!?), for 4x burn, start with 4x…

no matter what, i’ll never buy Z-CLV burner anymore… :a

Well I forgot that the the CD has only 1 giant track so end to beginning is not possible… But the liteon is CAV so its the same write speed across the entire disk until it switches… So if you set it for a 4x burn it does do it entirely as a 4x burn… except for the beginning… which is the 2x start until 10% or so mark. I know for a 2x burn it does not switch and does the entire disk @ 2x… Maybe i just cant spin fastenough at the beginning, but I doubt it since for a read it starts off at 2 and immediately goes to 4x…


for dvd, it’s Z-CLV

and 8x burn starts with 4x … :eek:

I’m confused by what you’re trying to say…

4x burns are always 4x. They start at 4x and end at 4x. I have yet to see a 4x burn that starts at 2x.

Only 6x and 8x burns start out slower than then speed up. And pretty much all the DVD burners are ZCLV. Only very recently are we starting to see the first CAV/PCAV burners replacing the ZCLVs.

There’s nothing wrong w/ ZCLV.

Well, ZCLV requires proof of “buffer under-run” terchnology.

And the burner will stop burning while it needs to change speed in a step. And that’s usually where the trouble is.

DVDdecryptor shows the speed its burning at and it starts off around 2x for a 4x burn. Maybe it depends on the media? I know for some of the media I tested, 4x burns are not 4x the entire way because of the number of coasters I have with 10% written on them where it tries to switch to 4x and fails… There is a flag you can set in nero to show you this as well.

Oh. Ignore that. DVD Decrypter seems to use a running average or something to determine the write speed. It actually starts out at 4x and not 2x. You will get a more accurate measure using CD Speed, which will show you that it never starts at 2x for a 4x burn.

I think it depends on media or something. I just scanned a disk aborted by recordnow, It only wrote out like 500 megs out of 4000 megs… But the error rates shows what it wrote out as being in the 2X zones… After 500 megs it gets a lot of servo errors and aborts. I had mistakenly used MID in record now thinking it would use 2X speed to write… But it seems for record now, MID is the mid speed of the drive not the disk so it tried to use 4X instead.

Also for some strange reason, even though the write was aborted it did not close the session and says 3800 megs free on the disk… But I have to write it @ 8x… (its 4x media and says 4x everywhere except on this particular disk :slight_smile: )… This strange problem also said another disk was a +R when it was supposedly a -R…

I have no problems with this media @ 2x… Other than it takes 29 minutes and 50 seconds to do it.