4x @ 8x?

i searched the forums and there was a million results, went through a bunch, didn’t find my answer, so here is my question:

got an 851s and i’m wondering what +R 4x discs will burn @ 8x? my friend has a 811s and can burn fugifilm 4x @ 8x and no problems yet. i was thinking about the Ritek Ridata 4X DVD+R (Ridata Branded.) anyone know if these will burn at 8x on a 851s? if there’s a list somewhere in the forums or on a website…if someone could point me in the right direction?

thx alot,


cmon, some one out there has to know of somewhere or someone who knows…

If you use the Omnipatcher (see Liteon forum) you can adjust your firmware yourself. It lets you pick which media will write at 8x. YMMV, of course.

Download the file “SmartBurn” from Lite-On.com and install it in to your computer, open the installed SmartBurn by clicking its Icon, load the 4X Blanc DVD+R and then click the? Mark and that will display all the information about the Blanc disc and whether can be burn at 8X or not.

In 4x DVD+R, I’ve been able to successfully burn the following at 8x:


Of course, so far this is all that I’ve tried.