4Tb Seagate External hard drive, USB 3.0 B*H Photo $180


$180 bucks is the lowest I’ve seen in a while. Supposedly the drives are the STCA40001 ones. Unfortunately for you Christine, they aren’t helium filled.

NO HELIUM?!! Gag… I was reading about the superfast USB 3 prospects and was wondering if they’d consider filling the cable-housing with helium. Spread helium all over, sure, why not? When Hubby squeaks up next time, then I know he’s been splicing cables!

Even that $199 list price for a 4Tb drive is terrific, much less all the housing and external electricals involved. We saw Fry’s offer Seagate 4Tb Internals for $199 for two occasions, but they’re in the $300 range currently.

Too bad that 3-4Tb units offer compatibility issues to older OSs, but in a few years, when I start getting my 12Tb and 16Tb Helium-Filled units, I suppose 4Tb will be reserved for puny thumb-drives.