4ms response time LCD monitors

Samsung SyncMaster 178B, one of the first LCD monitors with 4ms response time, perhaps been longer on the market somewhere else.


US$320 in South Korea, newest but also one of the cheapest 17-inch LCD monitors, should cost between under US$200 and around US$250 in some other countries. (Dell 24-inch costs under US$1,000 but the Samsung monitor of nearly identical hardware costs over US$2,000 in South Korea, over 2x difference.)


Nice. Want one

Hmm yeah that is nice. I wonder when they develop affordable flat monitors that can represent color well…

Perhaps that will be when something better than LCD starts replacing LCD and PDP. It should have happened already but CRTs stayed in the market for too long which further delayed the transition to LCD. I once had more than 15 CRT monitors at home, between late 1990s and early 2000s, but now only one 19-inch is left with me. One 15-inch broken perhaps out of its lifetime (Samsung tube, made in early 1990s), one 21-inch KDS given to one of my friends in Seoul, and one 29-inch 800*600 to an recycling company (for which I had to pay US$5.)

its not the first

viewsonic had one for a while


viewsonic is probably an OEM of it

Viewsonic isn’t a LCD panel maker so doesn’t matter much. Samsung started 4ms panel production some months ago.

Danawa.co.kr is a South Korean price website so “one of the first” means just one of the first to appear on South Korean retail online shops which is why I also said it might have been for some time in other countries.

I assume that the panel that is used is an 6bit panel and not an 8bit panel.

Want 16 million colors? Get a Samsung mobile phone. :bigsmile:

I’d have to advise against the VX924. All of the reviews I’ve read about it say it’s fast, but the color calibration is waaaayyyy off. So I’d have to say stay away from it. I’d get an 8ms LCD if you want good response time and color. The Hyundai L90D+ is a pretty schweet LCD, and it’s cheap. It’s a TN pannel with a 6 bit backplane, but for some reason they say it does 16.7 million colors, instead of 16.2 like most TNs. Anyways, the color rocks on this thing, and if you’re on a budget, and want a kick ass LCD, go for the hyundai. Now the Viewsonic VP191 is an 8ms MVA pannel, and it’s pretty awesome too. It’s also about $500, instead of $350 like the hyundai. I haven’t seen the VP191 in person, but from what I’ve read about it, it’s kick ass! :iagree:


I’m still waiting for an 8bit screen with <12ms repsonse time. :iagree:

That’s why I suggested the VP191, it’s an 8ms MVA 8 bit backplane pannel samsung pannel!!! It’s a bad arse display, I’d say go for it! It’s like $500 though, so it’s EXPENSIVE. I suggest you check it out, I know there are a lot of GREAT reviews of it. A guy on ABXZone got one, and LOVES it. :iagree:

That’s clearly more expensive than some 20.1-inch 1600*1200 monitor based on LG 04 panel with built-in TV. Maybe it’s better to buy $400 20-inch LCD + $100 19-inch CRT.

BTW, I’ll receive an LG 23-inch monitor perhaps within a few hours. :slight_smile: Price: US$83 / month * 10 including shipping. Compared to Dell 24-inch based on Samsung panel, it looked both cheaper and better though it was the opposite before June 29 when LG suddenly lowered their price from about US$2,500 to US$999 (which will soon be under US$700-$800.)

CMV 720D 17" LCD 8bit 8ms 500:1 contrast ratio - 306.00 AUD = 229.113 USD
30Day 0 dead pixel warranty, 3 year 4 dead pixels.

review: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/control.php?cid=5&id=1363

Matrox 750 was used in that review. I want one for triple display of 1920*1200 LCD. :slight_smile:

Ok, I wasn’t clear enough (my fault :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’m still waiting for for an >20" 8bit screen with <12ms repsonse time. :iagree:

Although a 19" 8bit panel 8ms screen isn’t really bad. :smiley:

I received the LG 2320T yesterday and have used it for more than 10 hours. The “Media Station” and left/right speakers are both good at quality and design, but the monitor itself is surely a lot better than usual 19-inch and 20-inch LCD monitors. It lacks some things though. Only two USB 2.0 ports (instead of 4 or more.) Not slim enough. Too heavy, a little over 11kg for the monitor only and another 2.5kg for the Media Station and a little more for the speakers. The remote controller does not have the usual buttons that remote controllers for CRT and PDP LG HDTV sets have. DVI-I and DVI-D connections do not support 1920*1200. I can’t find those utility packages that Samsung monitors typically have, just nothing but the driver for 2320T. No built-in HDTV tuner when LG itself produces HDTV chips and set-top boxes and PCI HDTV tuner cards have become cheaper than NVidia 6600GT cards.

What is the response time of your new screen?

To bad it doesn’t support 1920*1200 … the 2 USB ports are enough for me.

It supports 1920*1200 but only through the analog port.

2320T’s response time is 25ms according to a monitor4u.co.kr review posted in 2003. The resolution support is as follows:

The box is very big.

Even bigger including the speaker set:

Nice speakers. :iagree: