4kus firmware and BookType



Hi, I have just bought my first OEM Lite-on DVD burner. On its bag there is a sticker with LDW-401S but in device manager is stated: DRW 1S40. From what I have read in forums I presume that the drive is made by 4kus (same model name). My first try was unsuccesfull (poor quality media “3A MEDIA” 4X. I presume that other more quality media will work but anyway. Would it be wise to flash firmware already in the beginning? How can I determin my current firmware (date of manufacturing is august 2003)? Should it be any problems if I misflash current firmware to get it back (if both firmwares are from 4kus)? Does usually new firmware improves media compatibility? WHAT IS BOOKTYPE program from 4kus. I have understood that it improves media compatibility but I dont quite understand it. Does it make hardware or just software changes and are they permanent or just for one burning session. I am also a bit worried because I have read that flashing program “doesnt support IDE flashing so if firmware is misflashed it can not be turned to old one”. Thanks