4kus dvr-230



Hi, I am after some help with the 4kus dvr-230 recorder i purchased from Asda in the U.K, I have lost my recordable media booklet and am having great difficulty in finding compatible media. I have spent as much on blank discs to try as i did on the actual recorder. My suspicion is that because i purchased it a few years back the dyes on the discs have now changed, and we have G05 etc discs. Does anybody know of a firmware update for this model, I have found out (on the ever useful web) that it is a re-badged lite-on recorder, I have tried the lite-on site and the ILO site who are in some way linked to this machine but i cannot get any help on it.

Thanks in advance.



G05 cannot work because it only supports DVD+R/RW media.