4KUS DRW-2S81 Flashed to Liteon SOHW-812S Burning speed help

Hi Ive got a 4Kus DRW-2S81 flashed to a Liten SOHw 832S and whenever I burn using Nero or even Alcohol 120% it wont let me burn to the speed that I want but rather according to the Medias Rated speed… ie If I put in Ritek G05 then the Minimum speed I can burn is 4x (And I cant burn at 2x) and If I put in a Ritek M02 Disc then it lets me burn at 2x …This is weird and I dont wanna take the risk of burning it at 4x because of errors…I am using it to backup my Ps2 games thats why…

Could someone help me if there is a workaround for this problem or this is just how it is?? Would my burner still be flashable to the 832S

Also is it possible for me to flash it back to the 4KUS Firmware again?

Did your old 4KUS firmware allow 2x burning with RITEKG05? Because I have never seen a LiteOn/4KUS firmware that enables 2x burning with RITEKG05. 4KUS is not a separate company; it’s a brand-name owned by LiteOn, and their firmwares have always been identical to main-line LiteOn firmwares, except with changed names. And ALL 812S firmwares, from the early US03 to the new US0Q do not support G05 at 2x, and so I doubt that any 4KUS firmware would, either.

For burning RITEKG05, I would recommend that you use the 832S VS0E firmware: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html
(some of the older 2S firmwares had issues with G05, which I think were resolved in VS0E)

Also, there is really no need to burn at 2x. Please read this:

Thank You code65536 … I couldnt remember if the original 4KUS Firmware supported Burning @ 2x on Ritek G05 , because When I got my Burner Ritek G04 was still plentyful But its now Flashed to 832 anyways

Anyways Im reading the Crossflashing page right now and hopefully flashing it again will allow me to set what speeds I like to burn at… :slight_smile:
Thats an interesting read how burning at a lower speed doesnt necessary produce better burns ,and Ive got a question and I tried searching a while ago (Searched for Ritek G04 VS G05 but didnt get a definite answer :frowning: ) already which is is Ritek G04 media superior (In read quality) to Ritek G05 or are they similar or does it vary from burner to burner?

EDIT Ive got a Pioneer 107D and it allows me to Burn Ritek G05 at 2x or even 1x :slight_smile: Dunno why Liteon Lock the Burn speeds according to media type for?

Ive just DLed the Omnipatcher tool + change the Media Code speed for G05 and G04 to 1x,2x,4x,8x
My previous Firmware on the Drive was VS0A and Ive just flashed it to VSOE


PS Excellent Work on the Patcher