4KUS DRW-2S81 DVD Burner

is the DRW-2S81 burner a rebadged 8XXS or SOHW-812S Lite-on drive?

Yes: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/indexOEM.htm#DRW-2S81

Thanks for the info.

This is the news i wanted to hear :cool:

I’m thinking of purchasing the lite-on DRW-2S81. Assuming that you have this drive can you tell me if you are happy with it or if there are any problems that you have experienced. Cheers, bobbyb.

It’s the same as the 812S, only with an altered name. So anything said about the 812S in this forum is relevant.

There are three major Lite-On distributors in South Korea. That is, including the 4KUS distributor. All 4KUS optical drives I’ve seen are 100% Lite-On drives. Right now, 4KUS 812S costs 5% cheaper than Lite-On 812S. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the information. Very helpful.

I think that’s because 4KUS is (probably?) owned by LiteOn. The official 4KUS website is actually running off of LiteOn-IT’s main web server.