4kus Combo COB-1H4816 (OEM LiteOn LTC-48161H)@LiteOn LTC-48161H

I’d like to flash my 4kus Combo COB-1H4816, which is OEM of LiteOn LTC-48161H (according to dhc014 firmware collection).

I’ve used both the 4kus and LiteOn original drives and find out 4kus to have problems with writing highspeed CD-RW media. LiteOn writes the same media without any problems. At the same time both 4kus and LiteOn have no problems with writing ultraspeed CD-RW media. The latest firmware for 4kus is KHG4 dated 2003 10 05. The latest for LiteOn is KH0Q dated 2004 02 23, much newer :rolleyes:.

Is it possible to make such flashing? Will it eliminate problems with writing CD-RW media?

Should I do so:

  1. Download latest LiteOn LTC-48161H firmware from LiteOn website
  2. Flashfix firmware .exe
  3. Update drive’s firmware just running executable

Any comments? Will this work?

And if it is possible to flash 4kus Combo COB-1H4816 with LiteOn LTC-48161H firmware, maybe it is the best choice to flash with patched LiteOn LTC-48161H firmware form Codeguys with patched KH0Q (faster DVD R/RW reading)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually, the KHG4 firmware is even older than that. :wink:

Yep, that’s the correct procedure, and it should work. And yes, our patched firmware will work. In fact, you can save yourself a step and just directly load our patched firmware onto your drive. Our patched KH0Q firmware has already been FlashFixed. :slight_smile:

code65536, thank you! :slight_smile:

Done. Now I have new drive - LiteOn Combo LTC-48161H. It’s perfect. All the hihgspeed CD-RW media (Ricoh) writes perfectly now. And more! Verification reading goes smoothly and fast now, without any speed brake downs, as it was on 4kus Combo COB-1H4816.