4kus 401248 is upgradable?

this cdrw is upgradable or not .
im not sure it uses a mediatek chip set mktwinflash dont display info about chipset

What is the actual name as reported by tools like Nero InfoTool or DISC Info? Is it something like CDR-5W40, and also, what it the current firmware version?

Try making a backup of the firmware with mtkflash in DOS and send it to me please. The drive is probably upgradeable to 48/12/48

successfully upgraded:

CD Speed

31 marzo 2003 - 16:39:07

CD-ROM drive information
Vendor LITE-ON
Product LTR-48125W
Firmware Version VS0B

CD information
Type Audio
Length 74:00.00

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 35.98x
Start 17.61x
End 47.91x
Reading type CAV

DAE quality
Score 10
Accurate stream Yes

Seek times
Random 96 ms
1/3 Seek 98 ms
Full 164 ms

CPU usage
1X 2%
2X 6%
4X 14%
8X 19%

Burst rate 17 MB/s

Spinup/Spindown Time
Spinup Time 0.07 sec
Spindown Time 3.75 sec

Disc Eject Time 1.48 sec
Disc Load Time 1.40 sec
Disc Recognition Time 6.36 sec

now it’s liteon 100x100