4K UHD Remux File Size - Variability

I’m noticing that there is significant variability between MKV file sizes from 4K UHD Remux files that I am seeing out there. Some movies will be as low as 12GB and many go up to 60 and 80GB? Does this mean there is a difference in quality? I was hoping that these are 1:1 bit perfect copies of the movie. Thanks!

Lots of factors will come into play. Length, bitrate, number of audio/subtitle tracks, etc…

My smallest rips for feature films are around 30GB and I have some that are about 90GB. My copy of Journey to Space is 16GB, but that is only 40min long.

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That helps a lot, Monte. Thanks. But I thought that all UHD discs would have similar bit rates though. I haven’t started ripping my own 4K Blu Rays yet, so am relying somewhat on file sharing. Most of the downloads are >50GB for sure, but some are considerably smaller (ie. La La Land - 12.4GB, Passengers 24.5GB). Wondering if I am getting the full UHD experience with those.

Considering La La Land main title is 68.3GB on disc and Passengers is 46.3GB I am going to say no…

Kinda common sense, right?! LOL. Time to start burning my own discs… Can’t wait to learn how to do that here… So nice having the digital file for convenience! Thank you!

@Wild2 - There’s a difference between remuxes and reencodes. Some of what you mentioned (e.g., 12.2GB “La La Land”) is a reencode. Sometimes, they look fine. Sometimes, they look like garbage. I stay away from them unless I have absolutely no choice whatsoever.